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:!: This Documentation Applies to CATS Version 0.6.1 :!:
The CATS Team has since released new versions, the material documented here likely will not work on the new versions without modification.


This documentation applies to CATS Version 0.6.1 available from the download section of Catsone. It documents changes made to the base package in order to add functionality required by the author of the changes, Scott Leighton. Although others are welcome to incorporate these changes into their CATS system, the author is not able to provide support of any kind so do so at your own risk.

This documentation is intended for a technically inclined audience familiar with the CATS system installed on a Linux system. The author's system is SUSE Linux running Apache/2.2.0 , PHP 5.1.2, and MySQL 5.0.18. Other distributions may require changes to the scripts and/or directory locations mentioned in this documentation. The information documented here may be usable on a Windows-based system with appropriate adjustments, but the author has not tested under Windows and has no plans to do so.


CATS is licensed under the CATS Public License by Cognizo Technologies, Inc. Modifications to the base CATS package by the author, Scott Leighton, are subject to the CATS Contributor License Agreement. Any original work by the author, Scott Leighton, posted at this site is licensed under the GPL.

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The information published on this site is provided in the spirit of sharing within the CATS Community. Neither I nor the CATS Team can provide support for the modifications to the base CATS system published here. If you choose to implement any, you are on your own and you do so at your own risk.

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