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 +====== FAQs ======
 +===== Linux =====
 +==== Unable to Access Google using Lynx ====
 +**Symptom:​** Attempts to access using Lynx result in the error, "​Google Error Bad Request"​ or "400 Bad
 +**Cause:** Some Linux distributions ship with a large /​etc/​mailcap or ~/.mailcap file that Lynx is using to send a huge Accept: header and google doesn'​t like it. 
 +**Fix:** In /​etc/​lynx.cfg,​ edit 
 +<​code>"​GLOBAL_MAILCAP:/​etc/​mailcap"​ to "​GLOBAL_MAILCAP:/​dev/​null" ​
 +"​PERSONAL_MAILCAP:​~/​.mailcap"​ to "​PERSONAL_MAILCAP:/​dev/​null"​
 + as appropriate (depending on which mailcap file is causing the grief).
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