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 +^  :!: This Documentation Applies to CATS Version 0.6.1 :!:  ^
 +|  The CATS Team has since released new versions, the material documented here likely will not work on the new versions without modification. ​ |
 +====== Install the CATS Search Module ======
 +  - Download the CATS Sphinx Search Module [[http://​​catsdoc/​cats-sphinx.tar.gz|cats-sphinx.tar.gz]]
 +  - Extract the module to the /​srv/​www/​htdocs/​cats directory<​code>​
 +helphand:/​srv/​www/​htdocs/#​ tar xzvf cats-sphinx.tar.gz
 +  - Log out of your CATS system and log back in to see the new Search Tab \\
 +     ​{{sphinx:​cats_search.jpg?​640x480}}
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