EasySync Conduit Problems

EasySync 3.0a is known to cause several problems for its users. The conduit was not designed to be multi-user multi-pc aware, so it will not work properly in a mixed conduit or multiple user environment. If you use EasySync, you should sync to only your EasySync PC and only with the EasySync conduit. Other combinations may cause serious data loss.

Additionally, EasySync places its own special sync files on the Palm and gives them the same creator ids as the built-in apps that the sync files correspond to. This causes major problems if you should later decide to stop using EasySync and switch to the standard Palm conduits or some other 3rd party conduit. To avoid this problem, obtain a utility like Z'Catalog to delete the following files on your Palm:

Alternatively, a procedure to assign the above EasySync files a different creator id that permits EasySync to co-exist with certain other conduits has been described here by Barry Ku on 9/2/99.

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