POPFile Utilities

POPFile is an automatic email classification tool authored by John Graham-Cumming available from SourceForge.

The utilities here are helper utilities primarily intended for advanced users of POPFile. Although developed on the Windows platform, the author believes they are platform independent and will work properly on non-Windows POPFile installs, but has not tested on those platforms. UPDATE: June 19, 2003 A GNU Linux user, Martin Geisler, reports these utilities seem to work fine under GNU Linux, his report is here. Thanks Martin!

Version Compatability

Unless otherwise noted these utilities have been tested on and are compatible with POPFile versions 0.18.1, 0.19.x and 0.20.x. They have not been tested on earlier versions and their use with earlier versions is not recommended. Unless noted, they are not tested with, and may not be compatible with, Bleeding Edge CVS versions of POPFile, use at your own risk.

POPFile Troubleshooting Help


Copyright (C) 2003 - 2007 Scott W. Leighton

POPFile Utilities are licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Contributed to the POPFile project under the terms of the POPFile License Agreement.

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