Hotsync's Rebuild Registry Mode


The Palm's registry entries are hosed, this causes your conduit entries to stop running and no longer list in the Custom dialog of hotsync.


Hotsync has a mode that rebuilds the registry entries. Many times, running this mode will clear the problem. If it doesn't, the next best step is to try reinstalling the Palm Desktop software. To rebuild the registry, do the following;

  1. Shut down hotsync
  2. start/run type 'c:\palm\hotsync.exe -r' in the open box (without the quotes and note the space in betwen hotsync.exe and the -r, also note that you may have to adjust the path to match your installation.)
  3. click OK
This will fire up hotsync in its 'registry rebuild' mode. Check the custom screen and see if the missing conduit came back as an entry. If it did, hotsync and see if you're back in business. If it didn't, my next suggestion would be to reinstall the Palm desktop software to see if that clears the problem.

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