Can't Print Calendar From Desktop


When trying to print your calendar from the desktop, the Print window is messed up. (The dates and the names of the days). The only page that prints is for December 31, 1969.


Apparently it is caused by a conflict with the DLL's that various developers ship with their products. The procedure below will force a clean reinstall of those DLL's from your Palm Desktop Installation CD. I recommend you backup your Palm directory (just to be safe) before performing the procedure.

Here's the fix that has worked for others experiencing this printing problem....

  1. Close both the Palm Desktop software and the HotSync Manager.
  2. Delete all the files located within the c:\windows\temp directory.
  3. Delete all the files located within the c:\windows\Temporary Internet Files directory.
Then, from within the c:\windows\system directory (in DOS)
  1. Rename the MFC40.DLL to MFC40.DL_
  2. Rename the MFC42.DLL to MFC42.DL_
  3. Rename the MSVCIRT.DLL to MSVCIRT.DL_
  4. Rename the MSVCRT.DLL to MSVCRT.DL_
  5. Rename the MSVCRT40.DLL to MSVCRT40.DL_
  6. Rename the OLEAUT32.DLL to OLEAUT32.DL_
Check the palm directory, make sure that none of the above-mentioned DLL files are present in the palm directory, if they are, delete them.

Finally, reinstall the Palm Desktop software and try printing again. It should work.

Alternatively, a fix for these files is to install the Microsoft Libraries Update. You can grab it from:

Click on the link and follow the directions presented to download and install the update. It will update all the files for you automatically, and give you the latest official files.

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