Addressbook Stops Syncing

Before you do anything, if you have ever used either EasySync or TrueSync, read the following solutions to determine whether or not they solve your problem:

If the above solutions do not apply to your situation, read on.

Some Palm users have reported that their addressbook conduit stops syncing. After much trial and error, we have found that the following procedure clears the problem up.

  1. Hotsync what you have. The only data you'll be able to "save" is that on the PC.
  2. Hard reset your palm.
  3. Re-name your User ID on the PC to something else (eg "temp").
  4. Re-create your user ID on the PC - "Temp" will be holding your data, and your normal ID will now be empty.
  5. Close the desktop software and close hotsync
  6. Now the boring bit. Copy the datafiles from "temp" to normal ID on Desktop.
    1. copy the contents of the following folders in your \palm\temp\ folder to your \palm\normalid\ folder
      • address folder
      • datebook folder
      • todo folder
      • memopad folder
      • expense folder
      • mail folder
  7. Open the desktop, check for the right data under your normal ID.
  8. Restart hotsync
  9. Hotsync your normal ID with your palm.

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