Welcome to Helphand’s Not So FAQs! As for the purpose of this place, well, I use it to collect answers to obscure questions that I happen upon when pursuing my many interests. I publish it here in hopes that others will benefit from these answers should they run into similar situations.

From time to time I ramble away on these pages on various topics that happen to interest me…. so apologies if not all content is strictly FAQ related.

Did This Site Move?

Yes, for many years a lot of the content on this site was hosted at geocities.com (I’m leaving the link out since I would love that site to die and go away <g>). In early 2007 I transferred the site to its’ own domain, notsofaqs.com. Hopefully the search engines will eventually sort it all out…. the geocities.com site is no longer being updated and eventually I plan to delete it.