Thinkbook – Killer Application for iPad

Friday, September 16th, 2011


Thinkbook by bitolithic is the killer application for iPad in my book.  It has helped me organize my notes and keep track of todo’s in a way that feels comfortable to me, mainly because it is so flexible (todo’s can be put right in the notes, yet an overall ‘Dashboard’ can be created to give a consolidated view of all of those todo’s – very neat and powerful).

Some of the main features of Thinkbook include;

  • Plenty of note types: text notes, todos, questions and projects. Notebooks and pages behave like notes too so you move them around however you like using the slider.
  • Use special finder notes to create dashboards. This feature is powerful, let’s you organize your todo’s basically any way you like, yet you can still get a view that consolidates them.
  • The slider, a brand new way to make new notes and rearrange, move, copy and delete existing ones.
  • Tag everything you can see. They’re inherited, tag a notebook with ‘work’ and every note in it will be treated as work.
  • Fast search for text and tags.
  • Dropbox integration. Backup and restore to Dropbox, export and import notes, pages, notebooks and projects as text, work on them on your PC, then import them back into ThinkBook.
  • Easily email notes, pages or books.

The only thing missing for me is a desktop counterpart.  If bitolithic would just come up with a PC and Apple desktop version, I believe they would have a hit application on their hands. I highly recommend Thinkbook to all iPad users.

LastPass Is Pretty Cool

Friday, March 18th, 2011


I’ve been using LastPass for months now and have to say that I really like this product.  Keeping track of a gazillion passwords across multiple browsers and multiple PC’s was impossible before LastPass. Now it’s a breeze, my laptop, home PC and work PC are all synchronized automatically and the underlying storage of the data is fully encrypted.

You’ll note from the menus displayed to the left that there are lots of options, making this a fairly rich tool.

I highly recommend LastPass.

Easy Way to Convert a PDF to a Word Doc

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Here’s one of those free services that can come in handy when you need to convert a PDF file to a Word Doc and don’t have any tools around to do so.

PDF To Word is just the solution. Online, available anywhere you can get to a web browser, free, and simple to use. Just upload the PDF file, fill in your email address, and five minutes later you will receive the converted file in your mailbox.

I’ve found reasons to use this handy tool several times and have been happy with the results each time. It also supports RTF output for those with word processors other than Word.