Dropbox – Secure Backup, Sync and Sharing Made Easy

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Dropbox lets you put your important files in a folder on your computer and those files will be automatically backed up and synced with all other computers you share the dropbox folder with. The free account permits up to 2 gb of storage, paid accounts allow higher storage levels.

The free account works great for important files, like your Keepass wallet and things like tax returns or other important documents. The service works seamlessly in the background and supports Windows, Mac, iPad and Linux! Recommended.

Reverse Engineering the Kindle

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

For the technically inclined, there is a great series of articles by Igor Skochinsky detailing his efforts to reverse-engineer the Kindle. He explains how he gained console access to the underlying Linux OS and explores the features (many undocumented) and workings of the Kindle.

Unable to Access Google using Lynx

Wednesday, May 17th, 2006

Symptom: Attempts to access www.google.com using Lynx result in the error, “Google Error Bad Request” or “400 Bad Request”.

Cause: Some Linux distributions ship with a large /etc/mailcap or ~/.mailcap file that Lynx is using to send a huge Accept: header and google doesn’t like it.

Fix: In /etc/lynx.cfg, edit

"GLOBAL_MAILCAP:/etc/mailcap" to "GLOBAL_MAILCAP:/dev/null"
"PERSONAL_MAILCAP:~/.mailcap" to "PERSONAL_MAILCAP:/dev/null"

as appropriate (depending on which mailcap file is causing the grief).