CCTools App gets you Perl on Android!

Friday, January 9th, 2015

The CCTools application available on the Google Play store has the capability to install a Perl add-on that gets you a functional Perl installation! That means you can write Perl scripts on your Android device, oh what fun 😉

Installing CCTools and Perl

CCTools Terminal Session
The instructions for making this all work are as follows;

1. Install the CCTools app on your device from the Play Store
2. Open CCTools on your device. Select the menu and find the add-ons section, in that section add the following add-ons;

  • GCC GNU C Compiler
  • wget
  • Perl
3. Test your Perl install, create a simple hello world Perl script and run it.

4. CPAN won’t run on the Android, so if you need to install CPAN modules follow the manual instructions below.

Installing Perl Modules without CPAN

1. Locate the module you want to install on CPAN, get the url of the package, for example, the Text::CSV module url is

2. in CCTools, open a terminal session

3. do the wget,


4. once the gz file downloads, do the following;

gzip -d Text-CSV-1.32.tar.gz
tar xcf Text-CSV-1.32.tar
cd Text-CSV-1.32
perl Makefile.PL
make install

Worked perfectly on my Android. Click on the image in this post to enlarge it and the terminal session of the Perl install of Text::CSV.

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