Check Out Xmarks

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Cool browser add-in that comes in really really handy, particularly in keeping bookmarks sync’d between multiple computers, like your desktop and laptop.

Xmarks is free and works with IE, Safari, and Firefox. No reason not to give it a try, you’ll like it.

Favorite Palm Software

Friday, November 15th, 2002

Favorite Palm Freeware

Handyshopper is one of our
favorite applications. It’s by Christopher Antos and we consider it a must have tool for your Palm.

Showtimes is an awesome piece of software that uses
Yahoo’s movie listings to update your Palm with a complete list of local movies,
theaters and show times.

BigClock helps keep track of timezones
and alarms for us.

Tipsy helps calculate those
pesky tips at restaurants.

Spade Lovers Spades this little
app has consumed hours and hours of our time. Both Alice and I love

Must Have Palm Utilities

BackupBuddy should be a required
purchase for every Palm owner. It’s worth every penny and more!

by Pimlico makers of Datebk3 checks your datebook for data integrity
and cleans up duplicate shortcuts that can be caused by a bug in the

Z’Catalog gives
you access to the file system on your Palm.

Software We Liked so Much we Registered It

FlashPro get almost 1 meg
additional memory from your Palm III

Action Names was our
final choice for a better view of our calendar and todo’s. We
must admit though, Datebk3 was our second choice and the decision
was very very difficult. You should try both and decide for yourself.

SmartDoc was our final choice
on Doc readers. Cspotrun, which is freeware, would have won but we
really wanted the ability to edit the docs on the Palm.

HanDBase serves all of our
database needs. Very well done and easy to use.

Pilot MiniCalc ended up
being our choice for a spreadsheet program. It works well with Excel
and meets our modest needs.