Creating Folders on the Kindle’s SD Card


Here is the impact of creating folders on the Kindle’s SD card;

  • If you create the folder in the root directory of the card, for example, a ‘read books’ folder, that folder and its contents are not visible on the Kindle.
  • If you create the folder in the ‘documents’ folder of the card, the folder itself does not appear on the Kindle, however, the contents of the folder and any sub-folders are found and displayed.

Unfortunately, this behavior doesn’t help much in terms of organizing your books on the Kindle. Hopefully, a future firmware upgrade will change that.






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  1. Hacky Sacky Hack | Integrated Real Estate says:

    […] Creating Folders on the Kindle‚Äôs SD Card: Check out this guide for tips on Kindle folder management. […]

  2. electropunk says:

    ^ Hacky Sacky Hack's link is NSFW

  3. helphand says:

    Thanks, deleted.

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