Empower Mail Viewer PRO for Blackberry

Now that I’ve upgraded my Blackberry Curve 8330 to OS 4.5, a nasty bug in Empower Mail Viewer PRO version has raised its head.

  • If an email has exactly one attachment, the menu function ceases to work when you are viewing the email. This has the side effect of making it impossible to do anything with the attachment.

An email to Empower’s support has yet to be answered. Googling the problem turns up other reports of Blackberry users on OS 4.5 having the same issue and same non-response from support.

Until this issue is resolved, I do not recommend spending your money on this product.

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  1. Helphand says:

    Great news. Received an email from Empower today announcing that a new release of Empower Mail Viewer Pro,, fixes this bug!

    They instructed users to go to http://ota.getempower.com from the Blackberry to perform the update. I did so, rebooted the Blackberry when prompted, and then was delighted to find that solo attachments are now accessible.

    A big thanks to Empower for fixing this.

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