eWallet for Blackberry alternative, Keepass

Sorry, but my patience has run out.

I’ve waited and waited for Iliumsoft to come thru with the promised eWallet for Blackberry originally scheduled for release July 2008.

No longer will I wait. I’ve found a solution that works for me, Keepass, the open source password manager, with the following pieces to the eWallet puzzle;

  • A plug-in eWallet converter that takes an exported eWallet text file and imports it into Keepass.
  • A windows desktop client (Mac and Linux versions also available).
  • A Blackberry client that includes near full sync (deletes are not supported, you have to manually delete from both sides to keep them in sync with deletions).

This completely free solution works and is available right now. I was up and running in about 30 minutes with the most difficult part being the somewhat cryptic instructions on configuring the sync in the Blackberry desktop.

For those former Palm users who are now on the Blackberry having extreme eWallet withdrawal pains, check out Keepass, you won’t regret it.




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  1. Helphand says:

    Finally, Iliumsoft announced an open beta for ewallet for Blackberry. Visit their site here http://blog.iliumsoft.com/?p=589 for more details.

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