Mediamonkey – Audio Library Has Stopped Working

The last two updates to Mediamonkey ( and have both failed. After installing, Mediamonkey gets as far as the splash screen and then dies with the error message “Audio Library Has Stopped Working”.

Seems that this problem is caused by the iPhone plug-in. Disabling the plug-in makes the problem go away. You can disable it by locating the d_iPhone .dll in the plugins folder and renaming it to d_iPhone .dll.old or simply deleting it if you prefer.

Kinda frustrating that this problem hasn’t yet been fixed.

2 Responses to “Mediamonkey – Audio Library Has Stopped Working”

  1. sleighton says:

    Happy to report that MediaMonkey Version seems to have solved this problem, just updated to it without issue.

  2. XiRoxx says:

    thanks for the solution

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