Roku XR Green Screens with HDMI On Vizio TV – Avoid This Product Combination

Time for a rant. Why is it that we, the consumers, have to suffer with this ridiculous HDMI copy protection DRM crap that causes interoperability issues with certain hardware?

Perfect example is my Roku XR box and Vizio TV.  Once the TV goes to standby, the Roku and Vizio will not handshake properly and I get the infamous green screen instead of video.  The only solution that works for me is literally unplugging the HDMI cable from the Roku and re-inserting it. That is completely absurd and makes the box useless to me. I am not the only one, the Roku forums are full of complaints going back years and yet the problem still exists.

I blame Hollywood for this HDMI crap but the specific hardware/software implementation on the Roku, or the Vizio, is their issue – I don’t know which party is to blame but they don’t play well together.  Don’t waste your hard earned money on the Roku, you’ll regret it.


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