‘Unexpected Error Message’ on the Kindle

Users who have experienced the ‘unexpected error message’ on their Kindle have reported that they were able to resolve the problem by either restarting the Kindle from the Settings Menu, or reseting the Kindle using the reset button on the back of the Kindle.




One Response to “‘Unexpected Error Message’ on the Kindle”

  1. Erin Roberts says:

    My kindle showed an error message after closing a book. No buttons would work to close the message, it was completely unresponsive. I called the hotline and the lady was very helpful. I restarted the kindle by sliding it into sleep and then sliding the tab over to wake but holding it in place for 20 seconds. The green light at the bottom came on, flickered, and then my kindle went to the original page with the loading bar. Everything was restored and is in great working condition!

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