Using a TagList with Kindle Search Function

Here’s a neat idea a visitor to this site, Larry Goss, submitted. Thanks Larry!

I have a nifty (at least I think it’s nifty) idea for making it easy to find desired content on the Kindle using a “taglist” file and the Kindle’s Search function.  I’d like to contribute this idea to this web site.  Here’s a sample, a few entries from my own taglist.txt file:

” Is Amercia Losing At Globalization?”
qeconomics qglobaleconomy
” Is Amercia Losing At Globalization?”
Newsweek Sep 8, 2008
” Big Russ & Me ”
qbio qRussert qnonfiction
” Big Russ & Me ”
Tim Russert
” King Lear ”
qPlay qShakespeare qtragedy qfiction
” King Lear ‘
William Shakespeare
” The Island of Dr. Moreau ”
qscifi qadventure qfiction
” The Island of Dr. Moreau ”
H. G. Wells

You guys are probably smart enough to figure out how to use this as well as how to create this.  But in case you didn’t get enough sleep last night, the tags are the words that begin with the letter q.  One searches on the applicable tags and gets a Results screen with a list of only those documents that the user has associated with those tags.  One can then do another search on the document title and Kindle will bring that up for them.

Larry Goss

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