Waze is Great for Navigation using Social Media

Waze Social GPS & Traffic I’ve been using Waze for several months now, both the iPad version and the Android version (they are basically the same on both platforms), and have to say I love it.

It uses the power of social media to help you decide the best route to travel by using reports from other Waze users to both calculate your best route and visually show you where the traffic is on a 3d-like map display. The whole concept of using user reports of traffic in real-time is awesome and marrying that to route navigation and calculation sometimes seems like magic. Waze has sent me home on numerous different routes (including ones I never would have thought of on my own) by taking into account user reports of traffic and accidents along the various possible routes.

Waze is free and I highly recommend it.

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  1. Scott says:

    Waze is great gps service, I'm using it every day as well

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