What’s With Vizio Remote Controls?

Vizio Remote ControlOK, rant time. What is with Vizio and their remote controls?

I’ve had a 32″ Vizio for about a year. Until recently I’ve been very happy with it but my recent experience with the remote has me wondering about the company and quality. My remote suddenly stopped working. None of the buttons would get a response from the TV. Put in new batteries, no change. Tried using my wife’s remote, no change.

So, naturally I turned to Google and started some heavy googling of the problem. Turns out there are plenty of posts out there about Vizio remote controls mysteriously not working. A common problem seems to be the control working intermittently, some days it works, some days it doesn’t.

Suggestions for fixing the problem include;

  • Remove the batteries for 24 hours, then try again (supposedly this ‘resets’ the control)
  • Remove the batteries from the control and unplug the TV for 30 minutes (again, supposedly resets both)
  • Replace the batteries (duh!)
  • Clear obstructions from in front of the screen (another duh!)
  • Place a strip of blue painter’s tape over the IR sensor on the front of the receiver. The painter’s tape filters the stray IR from the TV and allows the remote signal to get through. (Way above my head, I don’t get it but some say this works).
  • Remove sources of IR interference. There’s a good article here that goes into detail about possible sources of interference. (None of which applied to me).

I’ve tried the suggestions and still the remote seems to work only when it decides it wants to, which makes me think the real problem is a defective receiver in the TV.

Anyways, finding so many of these complaints around the internet with no solution offered by Vizio doesn’t leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling about the Vizio brand…. if you are considering buying one, buyer beware!

183 Responses to “What’s With Vizio Remote Controls?”

  1. Helphand says:

    OK, got a clue here about why the Vizio remote control stops working. Thing is, it doesn't make sense.

    I have some Bose speakers that I hook up to my laptop; there are three speakers, two tweeters and one floor woofer. When I connect these up to the laptop and power on the speakers, the Vizio remote stops working. Disconnect the speakers and turn off the power, and the Vizio remote starts working again.

    Makes no sense, the remote is infrared, the speakers are wired. I don't understand why the remote stops working, but fact is that it does.

  2. ken says:

    My remote went out last night. I replaced batteries. Still did not work. this AM my daughter cleaned terminals with vinegar. Voila! Workng.

  3. Bob says:

    Damn I just unplugged my bose speakers and the remote is working. crazy I say.

    Thanks Bob

  4. geust says:

    The trouble is sputrious radation from the speakers, ie interference…

  5. kylewoodbury3 says:

    Sat down after 5 years of excellent service on my 50" Visio and…. the remote just decides not to control the volume or mute? Menu from remote is also not accesible. Tried my bedroom Visio remote it doesn't work either but the Viso in the bedroom still works fine. Definatly in the TV itself. Tried a factory reset from the TV controls, still noting. Left the tv unplugged for an hour. Still no remote volume control??? What the hell!

  6. Mike says:

    Remove batteries. Press every button TWICE, including keyboard. Batteries back in and mine worked again.

  7. pitzer says:

    Strangely enough this worked

  8. Kim says:

    It did work. Strangely enough. I couldn't control the volume from the cable remote (100% of the time) or the TV remote (90% of the time), I did this to the TV remote, and now they both work….voodoo….

  9. Petra says:

    Wow, this really did work — thanks!

  10. Jonathan says:

    How in the hell? This really is strange voodoo, totally worked for me too!

  11. Mary Ann says:

    Well, unfortunately it won't last. I have to do this every evening. I'm ready to call the company.

  12. Tyler says:

    CRAZY! Definitely just worked for me as well.

  13. Dan S says:

    3yr-old M47 remote stopped working. So did Onkyo remote that I always use. Removed and replaced new batteries after pressing buttons. I cant figure out how this affects BOTH remotes. CRAZY but it works. Thanx guys!!

  14. Bill says:

    After about 1 1/2 years of having no problems with the remote for my 37" Visio LCD, it stopped working. Changed batteries, made sure no obstruction, etc…. Didn't drop or throw the remote… While I can turn on the TV with the Comcast remote, it's a pain to do menu or input type changes. Any suggestions or thoughts are appreciated.

  15. Mike says:

    this works every time for me.. one of my viz remotes is temperamental.. it's actually the same remote at the beginning of this youtube video. this has worked every single time… (I have a battery tester so only change them if needed). This even worked after I dropped the remote on my hard wood floor in the bedroom from shoulder height. (don't ask….) go thru the steps 1st w/o changing the batteries.. take out the batteries, 1st hold the power button on the remote for 10 seconds, click every button on the remote, hold down the power button for 10 seconds again then put the batteries back in.. at this point it always works again for me. Good luck and hope this helped.

  16. Monique says:

    omg my remote stop working about a week ago now i have for some reason my tv is on a the screen were u input the computer and i need the remote to get it off i unpluged it for about a day and took the batt. out the remote i havent tried to cut it back on but i want to know do you guy think if you buy a new remote that it could exit out of that menu i still want my tv this is so messed up help please

  17. Rufus says:

    OMG speak English.

  18. Linds says:

    Fo' real?… This guy isn't aware that there are control buttons on the side of his tv? He's lived his entire existence always using a remote, and never once getting up to manually change the tv settings? I suppose the future really is hopeless for humanity, ayyy? We're all too fat and stupid and lazy to get up to change the channel now.

  19. Rick says:

    The problem is definitely a design defect in the VR-1 series remote. It will appear to work (red light flashes and everything) but it simply does not do anything. A programmed AT&T Uverse remote works just fine with the TV, and a DirecTV universal remote controls the TV just fine.
    Wal-Mart does have a Vizio universal remote for sale, but I don't know if it has the TV-specific buttons that the VR-1 has.

  20. Deb says:

    My Vizio remote has been on the blink for over a week. Started working sparatically then quit alltogether. My DirecTV universal remote does not work the volume or any buttons including OFF and ON. I have to control them from the back of the TV by hand.

  21. Eric says:

    After 5 months with no problems on our 42" Vizio (SV422XVT), the remote (VUR10) simply died. We baby our electronics and this remote never had a bump or anything. I tried replacing the batteries, re-pairing the device, nothing would work. When I contacted Vizio they had me do the same instructions as the manual, with no change. Then they made me send all my ownership documents to them and are sending a replacement remote in the mail. I'm concerned how it seamed as if the remote failing is a normal occurence. After my warranty runs out, those remotes will be expensive and the VIA functions can't be accessed without that remote, there are no alternatives!

  22. Jeff says:

    55" LED VIA XST553XT w/VUR10 My remote failed after 9 months. The direct tv remote will control the TV as long as you switch to TV mode and then use the menu button to access the VIA menu. other then the keyboard everything still works. TV is still doing great.

  23. Jennie says:

    We have a 55 inch LED Vizio, only 5 months old. Suddenly our remote quit working, just froze up, could not turn the tv off, access anything, or even back out of it. I called Vizio, and they will send a replacement, and to speed it up, said they would send the replacement label to my email. Well I waited a few hours called back, and was then told, I was informed wrong, it will take up to 48 hrs, for them to send the label to my email, then I can ship the remote to them, so it sounds like it will be at least a week and a half, before I can access anything on this tv. I am so pissed, I told them that was poor customer service, with a warrenty. I offered my debit card for them to ship immediately, it's a charge of 59.99, to which they told me..they don't accept debit cards. I said the money would come right off of that, and then you can do a reversal of funds once you receive the bad remote. They said they don't work that way, credit card or nothing. So, after this wait, our next tv, will not be a vizio. We are purchasing another tv this summer for downstairs, I am looking at other brands. I will also be checking their warranties prior to purchase. When making this big of a purchase, it shouldn't be such a hassle to get something fixed. Seems this company is not about making the customer happy or even trying to work at resolving the issue as quickly as possible.

  24. Jeff says:

    Nobody accepts DEBIT cards VIA the phone. You have to be there to type in your PIN.

  25. Rubi says:

    man! this is really disappointing. i bought my tv about 2 months ago. the remote stopped working about 1 month ago. at first i didn't mind but today it did this one "iget on photo mode" trick and it made me freak out then i took my dad's remote from his VIZIO tv which doesn't even look like my remote and P@w got it to work or at least get it out of the photo mode. I haven't had any luck finding a successful solution for the remote problem but i'm thinking of going with the universal remote. i mean if the one my dad has worked i can only hope for the universal to do too.

  26. Mike says:

    Just found this thread. My remote stopped working. Thing is both the Harmony remote and the TVs remote don't work, that is unless it's about 6 inches away from the IR receiver on the TV. So I know it's not the remote or batteries. Has to be the reciever on the TV. Guess I get to find out about how good the Costco return policy is. 🙁

  27. Hmmm says:

    My remote to my 47 inch stopped working. It has a keyboard and I could get it to work by opening the keyboard for a while. Now it completely doesn't work. The remote to my 37 inch can control the 47 inch. I know it is not the receiver for me. Disappointed because the remote to the 37 inch is beginning to break!

  28. Mrs. T says:

    mine did same thing.. I've only had my tv for a few months then the remote stopped working and only way for it to work was with it opened. It's funny cause at the same time my directv remote stopped working for my tv as well. I tried resetting directv remote and no codes worked and had to go to vizio's website and get one off there and it's finally working.. Anyhow my vizio remote worked with keyboard open then all of a sudden worked right again then here recently just went out again. There were times where I would have to press all buttons on keyboard to get it working then others I would have to open keyboard then close it just a hair. It's like there's something loose in the remotes. They have some flaws in the remotes I guess. you know that saying you get what you pay for!

  29. reb says:

    That makes three of us. Will only work when I slide it open to reveal the keyboard. Sounds like a definite design flaw to me.

  30. carol10000 says:

    same problem with vizio blueray remote and their universal remotes.

  31. Greg Oliver says:

    I was considering the purchase of a new Visio. I have purchased 4 for my comapany and have the same problem with one of them. Needless to say, I will not be buying any more Visio TV's. This makes my decision a lot easier.

  32. Bill says:


  33. Tim says:

    Wow..not only are the remote controls not working (tv remote, and television-controls on the cable remote), but the only way to power down the television is to unplug it. For some reason the manual control on the side of the television isn't working either. What is going on? My poor parents just bought this television less than three months ago and now it looks like it may need to be returned.

  34. KDR says:

    We bought new TV 2 months ago. 3 weeks ago remote quit working. Only will turn TV on. One of the DirecTV remotes will do everything with the exception of having the "v" button to access the internet widgets. Another DirecTV will only allow us to stop, start, backup or go forward with the DVR. I don't understnad why all DirecTV remotes are not equal & why only part of the Vizio remote functions will operate the TV/DVR I have gone through all of the steps listed above & I still do not have one complete remote! AARRRGH!

  35. Mahmud Ali Durrani says:

    I found that my up/down channel button didn't work, then I tried just using the physical buttons on the TV, they don't work either. I can only change the channel by typing the numbers in on the remote. This is disappointing because I don't know all the digital channels and sub channels.

  36. Jess says:

    Same problem here,. I've only used my remote once, ONCE, to turn the tv on, then I only used the DirecTV remote, but once we had cable and had to use the TV remote, the channel button didn't change, I'm highly upset

  37. AMS says:

    Same thing with my TV. I had no problems for about 2 years and suddenly the channel up/down stopped working on the remote and on the TV. I got a new remote and programmed it and still no channel control. Huge bummer.

  38. Matt says:

    VUR10 Bluetooth remote stopped working. I can control most functions with a universal IR remote, but can't control streaming applications (Netflix/blockbuster). I don't want to buy a new remote only to learn the problem is with the Bluetooth receiver in the tv. Any diagnostic suggestions? Thanks.

  39. John says:

    there is a cable in the remote that has most likely broke apart. It connects the upper half to the lower half. Same problem with mine, I took it apart and this is what I found.

  40. Leonard says:

    How do you take it apart? Have the same problem- stopped working . Model VUR 10
    I can find no screws. Any suggestions would help. Thanks Len

  41. Jay says:

    You, I, and 90% of Vizio owners have same problem. Replace old remote with model XRV1TV. Its $20 but not Bluetooth so you won't have same problems. No qwerty keyboard but apps will work. Love my Vizio picture, but I'm done with them. When I called customer service, they act like I was first to have this problem. Too many options in TV market to put up with the dishonesty.

  42. Cheri says:

    Just want those of you out there to know that I was able to fix my remote problem using the blue tape over the IR sensor on the front of the tv. Apparently that was the problem for me, as it's working fine now ~ See above half way down under "suggestions for fixing the problem include;" Also, I didn't have any blue painter's tape handy, so I cut a strip of colored blue on a plastic bag from a head of lettuce. So glad it worked! but this shows that it was the IR sensor that was the problem for my remote ~ Good luck 🙂

  43. Lyndi says:

    I tried the blue painter tape idea and it worked !!! Thank you so much!!!
    Just put a piece of tape over the sensor in front of the tv and the remote
    Worked! Awesome 🙂

  44. LordVoldemoo says:

    This link to Vizio may help:

  45. Deb says:

    This worked for me!! Thanks!!

  46. Greg says:

    Worked like a charm. Thanks!!

  47. Jason says:

    This worked for me! I bought mine refurbished if that makes a difference on what the settings were before I got my hands on it. This saved me figuring out how to return it!

  48. Mrs. T says:

    This worked for me Weird cause I've never had anything paired up to my tv either

  49. GeorgeWBush says:

    The Vizio website gave me a fix:
    1. remove the batteries.
    2. press every button once.
    3. replace the batteries

    Hard to believe, but this worked for me.

  50. vizio sucks says:

    pretty stupid idea… but, i tried what bush said & it now works.
    vizio must correct this error with their remotes.

  51. Tom says:

    Unbelievable! It actually worked! My remote has a slide-out keyboard and the remote would only work when the keyboard was slid open. This even corrected that issue. So Far Anyway! I'm relieved the remote is currently working however I will never agian buy a visio product.

  52. Rick S says:

    Thats better than the Obama fix! His fix is give your TV to someone else because you have too much already!

  53. Tom says:

    As I expected, this was a short lived fix. It seemed to correct the issue each time the remote quit working over these last few weeks but now even this little trick is not working. This is a serious problem. I have a 55" razor with a built in Wi-Fi. Even if I were to get a universal remote control to operate the TV I would not have the ability to access the Wi-Fi without the Vizio remote control.
    The difference between an issue and a problem is that issues can be resolved. I'd say what Vizio has is a problem and we ought to consider filing a class action lawsuit to satisfy this PROBLEM.

  54. jmurg278 says:

    I tried all of that and my remote still doesn't work. Since I was 2 months out of the warranty they told me I have to pay for a new remote. WTF.!!!!! What is to say that this will not happen again with the new remote too.?? Vizio has a serious problem here with their remotes and they need to address that ASAP.!!!!

  55. Roberta says:

    Strange but true – this worked for me as well!

  56. jeremy says:

    It worked perfectly

  57. Ann says:

    I tried it and it did not help!!!

  58. GDUBB says:

    NO WAY! My remote stoped working about 3 years ago and i finally just gave up after trying everything the first year. Finally decided to give it another shot and tried this method and it now works perfectly. What a trip. Ha thanks GeorgeWBush. U DA MAN!

  59. Barry says:

    It worked for me, thanks.

  60. zzz says:

    Yes…this worked for me. Will see how long it lasts. I say class action lawsuit against Vizio.

  61. Me2 says:

    Got my remote working by this method George, Hard to believe I know! but while pressing all the buttons, when i got to the # 6 on the front of the remote I noticed that the key was sticking. previous to that all I got was the #66 in the top right and corner of the TV screen, on the info bar. Thought it was some kind of code. but apparently the #6 key was stuck, but if that was the fact, then my batteries would have eventually died due to emitting a constant signal with a stuck key, but so was not the case. Just before the remote died a few week ago, I was manually punching in the #'s for station 56 to see what was on that channel. So the key must have stuck somehow! Anyway thanks George, got me working again! Hugs!

  62. RKS says:

    Yup, wacky as it sounds. it worked. 🙂

  63. Guido says:

    Just tried it and it fixed or remote! Strange but it worked. By the way, TV was on.

  64. Jill says:

    tried the three steps, no luck. Unplugged it, plugged it back in and viola! WTH! Visio TVs are too expensive for remote problems!

  65. Amber says:

    This worked! Thank you.

  66. Bill says:

    52" Vizio. Did all the usual, replace batteries, etc. Tried another remote, no. When I click one of the buttons on the lefthand side of the TV (menu, volume, channel), the remote works fine for a while. So I don't think it's a remote problem, it's an IR receiver issue. Something locks up on that side. Totally have to replace this POS to Costco.

  67. Ted says:

    My vizio remote was able to power on the tv but then wouldn't do anything other than power on the current input device. I tried new batteries but that didn't help so I searched for the instructions on how to repair the remote to the TV using bluetooth and this seemed to work –

    – unless it was just a coincidence

  68. Mike says:

    I just had the remote quit working on my Vizio 55" Razor TV The bmanual controls were froze up as well I unplugged the unit after about a 2 min reboot when I plugged it back in all works again!

  69. Billy says:

    I also had a brand new 52" Vizio, within 6 months we had problems with the remote. Now it never works. Back to Costco – this company should go out of business.

  70. Kim says:

    Our remote channel up & down button quit working two days ago. Everything else works but that. Very much an inconvenience & now more so since I've found all these other vizio remote complaints. It's bad enough we have to dish out so much for their product only to have a vital part of it quit working.

  71. Rick S says:

    I would have never believed this! After reading all the problems with the remotes, I thought blue painters tape how in the heck will that fix anything! I have tried everything else so I guess I will try it (no one was watching)! I placed a small piece of BLUE PAINTERS tape over the IR Sensor hit the on button and WHALA the TV came on!!!!!! HURHAY!!! Took of the tape and still works!!! I will have to send this to Myth Busters……… : ) GOOD LUCK!!!

  72. Pat Richards says:

    Unfortunately, this didn't work for me. I brought my Vizio remote from upstairs television and that works fine. Hmmmmy

  73. Rick S says:

    Not so fast, just tried to change some menu settings and you guessed it stopped working in the middle of making the changes. The worst thing the blue tape will not help either……. : (

  74. Jess says:

    Taking the batteries out and pressing al buttons worked for me

  75. Bradford S says:

    I am ready to EXORCISE this fricking thing. Called the company last nite…told me to remove the batteries and press EACH BUTTON TWICE. Then hung up on me and when i called back I was told that no one was available…to call back during regular business hours. THen i extracted the remote from my trembling white knuckles…wrapped duct tape around my head so i wouldn't get brain matter on my 47" when my frickin head explodes and I'm calling back in the moring. Good luck.

  76. Diana says:

    We just received our Vizio today and the remote was completely dead. Called Vizio support and the rep said to hold down the P, Q, and space buttons for 15 seconds and then take the batteries out and put them back in. Fixed!!!

  77. Gil says:

    Same problem here.. Sometimes it works when the remote is used in the open position (revealing the keyboard).. However, lately, it doesn't seem to work at all. Banging on it sometimes does the trick.. Cheap quality..

  78. Elledot says:

    So here's what worked for me when ALL functionality on my Vizion Bluetooth remote suddenly stopes working: Unplug the tv for 5 minutes. While the tv is unplugged, remove the remote batteries and press every button on the remote 2x. Put the batteries back in the remote. When the 5 minutes are up, plug the tv back into

  79. SueBee says:

    I contact Vizio… Try this
    1. take batteries out of remote,
    2. Push every button once on the remote.
    3. Put batteries back in remote.
    4. Turn on t.v. This worked for me!!!
    This resets the remote!!

  80. Rick says:

    Have had problems with my Vizio 46" tv remote (purchased about a year ago). Tried SueBee's idea and it worked – for about 5 min. I then removed the Wii electronic eye from the top of my tv just in case it was the problem. IT WORKED!! At least for now, it hasn't missed for a couple of days now. Perhaps other electronic devices interfere with the Vizio remote? Try putting them away till you want to use them.

  81. John says:

    Don't buy a VIZIO. Had the VUR10 remote, stopped working after a few months. Got a replacement from VIZIO (after a LOT of paperwork) and that stopped working too. Then had to BUY one for $75. Now that one won't work and Vizio has no solution except to buy another one

  82. Eddie says:

    Weird! I had my Vizio for about 5 yrs now and control still in perfect condition until i was in the middle of lowering the volume and it just stopped! nothing worked. I changed the batteries and it worked again but i think it was only because i got closer to the tv. Now i realize that the control does work really close to tv but only works farther from the tv on the sides (straight from the middle wont work for some reason!) its driving me nuts since i just lay in bed and watch tv perfectly aligned only to have to wave my hand way to the side to lower volume or change the channel…will try these fixes tomorrow…

  83. Michelle says:

    10/24/2011 The blue tapped fixed the volume issue…still cannot turn the tv on/off with remote but the volume is working. Will move the cable box to the other side of the tv tomorrow to see if that interference made the problem!

  84. Dan says:

    Remote on our Vizio 47" LED stopped working . . . if I slid it open, the keyboard portion of it worked, and in the open position, sometimes the rest of it worked. We watch a lot of Netflix so this has seriously reduced the usefulness of our TV since we can't get Netflix up without the VIA button. So I tried doing the Q-P-spacebar solution mentioned above, and now NOTHING works at all.


  85. Charley says:

    I have a 2010 TV, and sent it in for repair. I got it back and the remote didn't work. The manual said to open the keyboard and hold down 'P', 'Q' and the Space Bar for 10 seconds. Then remove the batteries for 3 seconds. It worked like a charm. Hope this helps!

  86. James says:

    Vizio poor remote makes me NEVER want to buy a Vizio TV again

  87. nelhead says:

    same problem remote wont work went to wal mart bought new vizio remote tried every code it just dont work and called vizio and they can find someone to fix it at my expense i have a 25 year old tv remote still works on this one is a year old and no remote it sucks and so does vizio fix ur f–king remotes its not just me

  88. BAD REMOTES says:

    Add another bad remote to the list , sure wish i had checked before i bought this junk

  89. Kevin B says:

    Bought the 2nd Vizio universal remote in the last 3 mo. I t is the xru100. Both started losing programming within 1 month. Called vizio and they say they have heard of no problems. Have tried everything including changing batteries but nothing works. Can program codes in and 1 hr. later it controls nothing. Has anybody out there had similar problems?

  90. puzzlequeen says:

    i have had the same problems and tried everything

  91. Jeff says:

    Another Bad remote VUR100. However I tried the P Q Spacebar command and then pressed all buttons after taking out batteries, put batteries back in and know it works. Go figure

  92. pamd says:

    fyi, I kept getting the message 66666 then it would read "cable 1081i" but it wouldn't work for any of the functions. After reading and trying a lot of the suggestions that I googled, I tried pushing each button twice as suggested and voila! It worked! Try it what could it hurt? Just remember to press each directional arrow twice and the volume too. My remote is 2 sided so that was a lot of buttons!

  93. shawn says:

    hi putting blue tape in the tv really works thanks a million

  94. puzzlequeen says:

    i have the problem of it not working what so ever and i can't watch tv but i looked around and most of the remote problems start after the warranty expires.

  95. LTD says:

    Another bad remote here. I called Vizio and was given the standard fixes that have already been mentioned. How lame is Vizio, that this is the first and only TV I've had in 40 years with a remote that failed? I've owned at least 50 TV's at home and 100's at work. Lame Vizio, lame. I'm going on to change my good reviews to negative reviews.

  96. apm says:

    I've had my Vizio 24" TV for about 2 years now and never an issue, but all the sudden the remote won't work. It was getting worse and I thought the batteries were just dying, but replacing them hasn't helped. For a while I was having that same issue where straight on didn't work, but if I pointed the remote at the side it was fine. Also my cable remote was programmed for the Vizio and had been working all along but now appears broken as well. I tried reprogramming it so that I could at least turn my tv off from bed without getting up, but nothing! I am so annoyed. It seems like something is wrong with the TV if it's not responding to either remote….right?

  97. Mike L. says:

    Had a problem where the TV (Model E320-B0) would respond to pressing buttons on the remote… just not the response that was expected. Press the volume UP once and release and then it would act like the button was still being pressed. Press the volume DOWN once and release and then it would act like the button was still being pressed. I used another remote and the TV didn't respond any better… until… I removed the batteries from the Vizio remote. Then I was able to use the other remote just fine. It seams that while the batteries were in the Vizio remote, it was blasting out IR signals which interfered with the ability of the other remote to get it's signals through.

    I let the Vizio remote sit for 24 hours with the batteries out. When I put the batteries back in, the Vizio remote worked as expected.

  98. Guest says:

    Had this Vizio for less than 2 yrs & the remote ia ALWAYS messing up! The main reason we bought the tv was to watch the Netflix from it, but you need the remote to make it work! Will not buy another Vizio!

  99. Frank Gonzaklez says:

    I agree that this is a remote control receiver problem inside the TV because the remote control unit works ok with other TV's in the store. My unit failed right after the one year warranty expired and Vizio would not offer any assistance. They actually told me that I should have purchased an extended warranty and that they would be glad to send me to a local repair shop… never again.

  100. G-Force says:

    I have a Vizio tv and its worked perfectly fine for years and all of a sudden the controller doesnt work on it…and the controller for my dvd/vhs player doesnt work either! ive changed the batteries, unplugged them, with no luck 🙁

  101. Amanda says:

    Does anyone know if buying an inexpensive 1 for All remote will work? I really hate the runaround from tech support. My vizio remote has the slide out keyboard and stopped working after about six months.

  102. Lydiamac says:

    One thing I have seen with my remote that stopped working (Bluetooth remote), it only stops working when the input is on other elements (Sony Blue-Ray) it is like the remote on my 1week only tv is acting lie the remorse it is trying to emulate, and VIA buttons don't exist on them.

  103. x0XhooliganX0x says:

    i had previously had all the issues listed above and tried all of the troubleshooting…..the tricks worked but only for a few days or weeks. finally at my wits end i threw remote to the ground pretty hard. it has worked perfectly since then. hahahaha. what a piece of junk

  104. Julie says:

    I purchased my first Vizio tv for my bedroom (small screen 33", if I remember correctly) at the recommendation of my boyfriend. I do not have cable or any other device connected to it, i.e. DVD player, cable box, etc. We use HD antennae and that is all. The remote was working fine at first. Now, when I am using the channel bar to run up or down the channels, every two of three clicks, the tv turns off. I have to turn it back on and continue. If I select the channel by keying in the desired channel number, it works fine. Can you suggest anything to remedy the situation? Thanks.

  105. farside says:

    I have had a Vizio for two years now and three remotes. $74.00 a piece. Tried all the fixes from Vizio, tried tech support. Bottom line, they have had a problem with remotes for two years and haven't fixed the problem. I finally fixed the problem, I went and bought a Logitech Harmony 200 Universal remote for $17.00. Down loaded software from their web site for the Vizio and have not had a problem since.

  106. angel says:

    This looks like one of the better solution!

  107. Dee Troit says:

    I have a Vizio M220MV and the remote occasionally works. You press the up volume button and the channel will change. You press a number to change the channel and nothing will happen. You press it again and it will enter the number 4 times. Don't even get me going on the volume levels of the TV, or why I cannot access channel 39, or their less than helpful product support.

  108. Deborah R says:

    Oh my goodness! I am trying to find out why I can not control the volume any more on my Vizio wifi hd tv and I come across this thread. Looks like I am not alone. I will be looking at all of the above comments again.

  109. AAbonce says:

    I hope this can help. My Vizio TV stopped responding to the remote control.
    I tried these:
    – I changed the batteries.
    – Checked the signal of the remote, using a digital camera.
    – Disconnected the TV from the power for 30 minutes. <— THIS SOLUTION WORKED

  110. CaffeineJoe says:

    I came across this forum after my vizio remote stopped working after owning the TV over a year. Here's what worked:
    – Place a strip of blue painter’s tape over the IR sensor on the front of the receiver
    – Remove remote batteries for 15 seconds
    Yes this sounds crazy, but so far it's worked…

  111. Jean says:

    Has anyone had certain buttons on the remote (for me, 5 and 7) that turn the TV off (other than the power off button)? The remote works, but sometimes when I hit the number buttons to change the channel, the TV senses it as a power off. I cannot determine a pattern – seems random.

  112. Geoffrey says:

    My Vizio remote suddenly stopped working and I tried all of the above fixes with no luck. I purchased a Logitech Harmony 300 remote for $18.00 on Ebay & I moved my Wii Sensor bar to the top of the TV. It is now working fine. This Logitech remote controls four of my devices remarkably well.

  113. Charlie says:

    The solution of taking the batteries out and pushing all the buttons works. To simplify, just take one battery out and set the remote face down over the table so that all the buttons get pushed in.. all of them. Put the battery in the compartment and it works. Now, why Vizio do something about this? Are they waiting for a class lawsuit? , or waiting to go out of business because of a miserable remote control..?

  114. helphand says:

    Once more the old Vizio remote stopped dead on me. No button pushes would be recognized by the set no matter what. This time, I simply remove a battery for 10 seconds, put it back in and the remote started working again. Go figure.

  115. hoser says:

    I read most of the suggestions on how to make a Vizio remote work. I found my Vizio remote can turn on and off my LG tv so it had to be the Vizio tv. I called Vizio and as my tv is more than 4 years old they were of no help. Then I called a local tv repair shop and they said they do not repair Vizio tv's as it is difficult to get parts. I was ready to order an IR remote sensor on the internet for $19.00 but then thought of the comment on a forum where a fellow said he never saw the IR sensor go bad. So as a last effort I took a compressed air canister with a straw and blew out the inside of the tv from the back to where the remote sensor is located. It is no problem sticking the straw in through the air holes on the lower back of the tv. There was lots of dust coming out.

    The result was the remote works great. I saved money and time using compressed air.
    Try it.

  116. Jeff says:

    Right jump up and down three times saying "Oh mighty Isis" then "Shazam". Place add in appaer looking for 8 peopel will to take a trip to Modor. Remote will work went you get back from Mordor.

  117. smartarse42 says:

    This seems like a common problem (and it is), but it does not necessarily mean that your remote control is defective or broken. Don't get me wrong; questionable responsiveness of a remote control, whether only with certain buttons or with all buttons on the remote, is a sign that a defect might exist. Your remote control is a circuit board that processes input commands from the keypad and sends it out through the IR transmitter. It is essentially a simple computer. What do you do when your computer freezes or starts acting wonky? YOU RESTART IT. Does this mean that your computer is a piece of crap and you should throw it out the window at the first person that passes by? It might, but it might just mean that your computer needed a re-boot.

  118. smartarse42 says:

    Accept the fact that sometimes you will need to remove the batteries and hold down a button or two in order to drain the power for a reset. It will probably take less time, and be leses frustrating, than giving a call center agent crap for following policy. If the reset doesn't work, seek the assistance of someone more qualified than yourself to troubleshoot the issue. And please, POR AMOR DE DIOS, listen to that more qualified person. Chances are, they know more about the issue than do you.

  119. Shelley says:

    Visio, I love the TV. Help! give us a new remote.

  120. shelley says:

    Blue Tape you say?

  121. Krzysztof R says:

    After taking my remote apart and just pressing various buttons, out of nowhere it started working again (after about a month of not working). I tried all kinds of suggestions from this and various other boards, but this one finally worked the magic.

  122. DDet says:

    I have tried all of these with no success. No issues for 18 months and then poof. Now on top of it the HD channels stopped on full screen and without remote can't fix

  123. Dan the Man says:

    These Vizo TV's have lossy Remotes Suck :
    ( Weak as in Fail with just a few small drops from side of the Bed ) Come On Solid State – BS !

    Next the IR sensor in the TV's very easily to Fried by over use or on – HOT Days .
    The IR Unit doesn't – Not meet FCC regs – of Course the FCC – didn't do anything about
    Cable Company's Screwing Customs in 2002 that bought TV's with – Free
    Channel Guide Menu's – which the Cable Company Promptly – Chopped with the Signal with Their Towers and Claim They Know of Nothing – that would cause such a Problem.
    The Problem of the Disappearing – Non Functioning – Free Channel Guide – Happened the
    Very Same Day – Cable Company's Lunched – their version of Channel Guide .
    Which was preceded by the 2-3 years – TV Guide being screwed with all the New Channels and Station in this are then that Area , then This Area , We can't Keep – BS – the FCC is Nothing more then a Watch Dog – that – Barks : It ha No Bite anymore for Consumers !
    It Only protects Itself !

  124. Donna says:

    Add me to the list, non working slide out remote, not working!

  125. steelkane says:

    vizio 55 led,, M550NV controller stopped working,, no controls on the tv, only a volume & power switch. tried a vizio universal remote still nothing ,, turned tv off for 5min then used the power switch to turn back on,, remote works fine now, I'm glad it works but what the heck happen.

  126. Nanty... says:

    Hello to you people… been reading all this problems and finally tried the solution given by GeorgeWbush and then wen to this website… http://vizio.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id… and found the solution to my remote SDS problem. Good Luck 2 U all…


  127. Ian says:

    My remote stopped working too, took it apart and found that the solder holding the eye on let go.

  128. Crystal says:

    Guys, I called Vizio support, they just said to do the Q,P, Space. I said I've already done that and they advised me to get a new remote. I tried all the options listed here including the painters tape, pushing all the buttons, then doing that twice, then I banged it on the couch and gave it up for good. So on my search to a new remote I ran across a video and this little trick got my remote working again.

    Hold down the Green button and the record button at the same time for like 10 seconds. Mine just started working again right afterwards! ( I have the slideout remote with the keyboard. )

    Here is the video. He doesn't talk, but he found a nice replacement remote if you need one.

    Vizio also said to purchase the remote here… http://www.vizparts.com/product_detail.php?pid=20

  129. Leigh says:

    Our vizio remote stopped working for our tv. This happened before and the vizio company sent us a new one but said if it happens again we would have to buy it ourselves for $69. Less than a year later this one went out as well. We tried everything suggested to get it to work to no avail. I went to walmart and bought one for $10 it works great granted it doesn't slide out nor does it slide. Its vizio brand name and it works better than the factory remote that comes with the tv.

  130. Ann-Marie says:

    I also thought I was going crazy, or that is what family was telling me regarding my Vizio remote. Customer service # useless. I have tried EVERYTHING and nothing works. No logical reason except this is a low grade system, made in a foreign country. But I dare you to find MADE IN AMERICA anything. We asked for it and we got it…CHEAP. Had a SONY for over 11-yrs no problems. In the manual it tells you not to throw anything at your TV. Well I wanted to throw this remote at it. Now my family had to go out and buy me a Universal. (I am in a nursing home, paralyzed, and the aides just loved it when I rang to change the channel). Really crappy product.

  131. Joe TV Guy says:

    I also have the Vizio remote issue. But, my tv is over 6 years old. It's definitely not the remote, as my satellite remote is set up to control the TV. So, my real question is: if the IR board on the TV needs replacement, is it (A) an easy project for someone not afraid of some simple soldering or is it (B) not very expensive to have a shop replace it. Really hate to dump a 47" TV just because I can't turn it on or off. BTW, the controls on the TV themselves work just fine.

  132. guest1 says:

    So glad I found this post. the button thing didn't work for me. Somewhere in this thread someone mentioned that the remote works from the side and I tried it. If I walk to the side of the room or get very close, the remote works. I thought "this stinks", then I realized another trick.
    I have a chrome lamp next to my couch and if I point the remote directly at the lamp (which is pointing the remote at a 90 degree angle from the TV), the remote works perfectly.
    I have no idea why, but it works perfectly every time. So if you have a shiny surface nearby, give it a try. not sure if the surface would have to be flat, or curved, as my lamp is.

  133. Guest says:

    Vizio VUR10 remote (slide-out keyboard). Keyboard and lower half of remote works, top half does not function. I'm on my third one (both the others were replaced by VIZIO). This one lasted 15 months and now I'm even out of my Costco warranty. Problem seems to be (from reading around the 'net) that the flex cable that connects the top to the bottom gets broken with standard use. If you have the bottom half working and the top half not working this is probably your problem also.

  134. Denise says:

    I have a Vizio 55" LED TV Netflix ready etc. The VIA button stopped working on the remote. Everything else worked on the remote but couldn't pull up Netflix. EASY FIX…while the TV is on, unplug theTV, wait about 30 seconds and plug it back in. It will take few minutes to reboot but the VIA button on the remote will work again and so will your Netflix. You will see it uploading updates. So once the updates are uploaded it will work. After I bought another remote and the VIA button still wouldn't work on the new remote either, my husband suggested unplugging the TV so it could reboot (like a computer). IT WORKED! What a genius!

  135. Dave says:

    Can't believe I didn't just try this first. It's basically a computer. When in doubt, reboot it! Thanks.

  136. Noelle says:

    tried all the gimmicks listed on this post,,,,batteries out, pushing all buttons once and twice, painters tape, unplugging everything, unplugging while on, and nothing works….and even changing batteries of course. so hopefully the new remote I will have to buy will work. Missing netflix! Thanks to all for posting though 🙂

  137. Dee says:

    Crazy! Mine wasn't working and did what was suggested above…..
    1-removed batteries
    2-pushed every button on remote once
    3-replaced batteries
    It worked for me!

  138. rico says:

    I seem to have a different problem then listed here, and i tjink it might be worse. whenever i try to do anything at all with my remote it will just constantly change the zoom. from panaramic to wide to zoom to normal and so on very fast. now obviously i assumed that the button was jammed… checked and mess with it but to no avail, now this is where it gets wierd: an easy fix to me seemed, hey! get a different remote so i did, pointed the universal remote at my tv tried to change the channel and boom the damn thing startes doing it again. please help, and sorry for run-on sentences and spelling errors.

    extra info :
    when remote is batteryless tv works fine using side buttons
    tv is 32 lcd
    tv is 6 months old
    when i put batteries in tv does nothing until i pish a button then just goes into constant zoom switcjing mode

    any help would be grateful thank you

  139. karla says:

    My DUMB problem was that I thought my control stopped working just randomly but I was going through settings on my tv and I went through CEC SETTINGS and clicked on CEC Function and put enable ! Well that programed my controller back on! Maybe that'd many of your problems maybe its on disable! 🙂

  140. Lori B says:

    i dont think its the tv, but only the remote, my remote for cable turns on the tv and controls the volume. So that leads me to believe its just the remote. Not sure if its worth buying a new, because this might just happen again and then im out $60. Only thing I need the remote for is to stream online.

  141. garrett says:

    well unplugging 55'' 3d tv worked, remote works like a brand new one, also at the same time of unplugging i did the take the batteries out and push all buttons also , so good luck

  142. anon says:

    if nothing works try to look at you remote buttons. I had one of the buttons stuck pressed and that causing the remote not to work. I reeased the button and it started working.

  143. Jerold says:

    Just called Vizeo and they walked me thru resetting my "dead" remote. They had me slide out the keyboard, then simultaneously hold done the P and Q and space bar, and hold them all down for 20 seconds while pointing the remote at the TV. After letting go, the remote now works like new again. Awesome!!!

  144. Gene says:

    All of a sudden my Vizio remote stop working. The Smart TV is only 4 months old. Fortunately I googled problems with the Vizio Remote. I turn the TV off and took out the batteries and then touch every key on the remote, place the batteries in and turned the TV on and the remote did not work. Then with the TV on, I took the batteries out of the remote, touch all of the keys on the remote and placed the batteries back in. Presto, the remote worked great. I really like my Vizio TV but you would think they would manufacture a better remote.

  145. Melvin says:

    Bought my Vizio a month ago, the remote stopped working. Took out the batteries, press all the key on the remote at least once, put the batteries back in and lo a behold it worked!!

  146. Vizio Hater says:

    Tried them all. Nothing works. Just got the TV for Christmas. Thought it was a good deal. Turns out it was a total loss. I will NEVER by a Vizio television again. Junk!!

  147. Ben Grimm says:

    OK, I read all the comments and rants & raves here, and there clearly is a problem with Vizio, but I think it's in the TV rather than the remote controls. I have a E320-A1 that's only about 3 months old and it's worked nicely until yesterday when the remote failed to turn the TV on at first. Then when I got insistent it turned the set on but wouldn't mute the volume. Then when I tried to change the channel it acted like the button was stuck – multiple entries of the same number. Hit the volume, same thing – it just turned up until it hit the top and tried to keep going. What a pain! I tried all the resetting procedures mentioned here – no good. I finally unplugged the TV, took the batteries out of the remote, left it overnight and tried again. Same thing. Went and got some blue painter's tape and wonder of wonders, it worked! I can't really say why – maybe it interferes with the receptor just enough. Anyway, the $5.99 for the tape is a bargain – I'm sure my time was worth at least 10 times that much. I almost didn't try it (that can't work!), but I'm glad I did. We'll see how long it holds out.

  148. Ivan says:

    Same here 2 months Visio remote not working

  149. Ivan says:

    Finally it works I turn the ps3 off disconnected the hdmi cables and optical cable turned the tv off removed the batteries turned on the tv and put the batteries back it worked

  150. Kennedy says:

    OK people- are we all just stupid? I have done everything in the post- blue tape, take out batteries, spin around three times and blink rapidly for a minute! It seems as if they are just telling us this crap to make us go away. In 2 years i am on my 4th remote. First one came free- broke in a month- then the second one after jumping thru hoops with Vizio and paperwork proof was complimentary – course it took a week and all my time- the third one- cost me $75. and a boatload of time to deal with the crappy customer service. NOW the dang thing is dead again. I just want to take a hammer to the whole thing. As it is the Internet capabilities I bought it for, the TV is just one big piece of junk without the remote. I think they are collecting big bank from all of us suckers paying for remotes that should work. If i dropped it – or got water on it- sure- i would expect to pay. But this is not the case.
    DO NOT buy a Vizio- unless you like to waste time and money- then -by all means- go for it.

  151. now crying says:

    I'm laughing so hard I can hardly see to write.

  152. Neil Singer says:

    Same problem with the remote not working. I do have a soundbar hooked up to the TV and it has a remote. I removed the batteries from the remote, pushed all the buttons once, unplugged the soundbar from the power, shut off the TV, waited five minutes, put the batteries back in the remote, and the remote is working again!

  153. Rose514 says:

    My Vizio remote stopped working in increments. Within 45 days of buying the new Vizio TV, the volume button would not work on the remote. Some 3-4 months later, the Channel changing button would not work. (Of course, I kept putting in new batteries, to no avail) Eventually, the entire remote became useless. On a whim, I bought an RCA Universal Remote which looks very similar to the Vizio in size and layout of the buttons. It was $9.95 and I had it coded in a matter of probably under a minute. It works perfectly. I tossed out the Vizio remote. $10 fix.

  154. Gabe says:

    Had the same problem – no buttons working on my Vizio remote. Following the pairing instructions in this video fixed it –

  155. AAH says:

    Has anyone tried to manually go to the menu then bluetooth settings and reset it? Because I have seen that it works. DOY!

  156. Chris says:

    Last night our Vizio remote for the speaker bar went out. Replaced battery. Lifted battery connection under round flat battery. Still nothing. Then, noticed small metal connection on inside edge of the round opening. Lifted the out gently, reinstalled the battery. The remote works better and more consistently than ever! Such a simple fix this time!

  157. Ejphoto says:

    I just bought an M-series 32in Vizio TV. The remote simply does not work. I've tried every troubleshooting fix; it still doesn't work. I called Vizio, they walked me through the same nonsense, the remote still doesn't work. I voiced my displeasure, and the customer service rep patronized me by saying. "Well thats electronics for you". They should leave making electronics to the Japanese, they are far better at it.

  158. Braydon says:

    Try this if your remote is not responding out of the blue, like mine, and fresh batteries, power cycling, or sacrificing your first born wouldn't work.

  159. Sue smith says:

    Omg can't believe it, we bought a new vizio tv today and the remote doesn't work for everything. We tried to get into our netflix account to set it up and we couldn't get to it. We could only get in to set up a trial period. We'll i got on line before my husband (who is good with techie stuff) lost his cool. I started reading all the above and thought what the hell lets try the blue painter tape. Low and behold it worked . Left it on for a few mins then took it off. Who would have thunk!!! We're going to watch tv tonight then go back to Costco tomorrow and buy a Samsung. (Which my husband wanted but I liked the look of the Vizio )

  160. Nina says:

    I have also tried to reset the remote and televison all of the suggestions posted and the remote doesnot work. I actually went out and purchase a new remote and that remote does not work either. Lesson learned never purchase another televison with out reading the comments.

  161. Sarah says:

    Same problem, no volume, no mute, no on off, with either remote, Vizio or Directv. etc. Vizio 55" model m550nv, Directv w/genie. Tried the painters tape. IT WORKED!!!!!!!!

  162. jhgjjhv says:

    If remote doesn't work at all it can be the IR sensor
    I replaced mine and it works.

  163. Patrick says:

    Just bought a 39 inch Vizio model e390i-bo. The remote or infrared receiver on the TV must be faulty. The remote is a brick. And as there is only a power button I can't manually do anything. Vizio is an incompetent company.

  164. Soyuz says:

    My 32" Vizio was covered for an extended warranty from Costco and even though I had intermittent problems with the remote (channel & volume controls unreliable, turns off TV when certain random buttons are pressed), I did not turn the TV back in…later remote problems worsened (slow to respond) but warranty expired. Do NOT be a nice guy…exercise your rights and turn in lousy Vizio TVs before it is too late!

  165. drchimo says:

    I’ve been having similar problems with my vizio smart tv and finally figured out that it didn’t like my new Panasonic Viera smart tv. If the Panasonic is on my Vizio becomes unresponsive. Turn off the Panasonic and all is well. Vizio is aware as they were the ones who clued me in to this. My guess is that the Panasonic is not the only device that can confuse the vizio. Try unplugging all WiFi devices one at a time and see if the problem is resolved.

  166. Tina says:

    I had a problem with random buttons not working. Not even a red light when pressed. I tried all the suggestions with no luck. I opened the remote and wiped down the 'curcuit board' with alcohol on a cotton ball…what the heck it was broken already. Nothing. I touched my finger to my tongue and touched a corresponding dead contact and it worked, but just once. Repeat, and same thing. How could I keep it moist? I spead a THIN layer of petroleum jelly on the 'curcuit board' and so far so good!

  167. Jeanne W says:

    Just for another record, my 32 inch Visio is 3 months old and I am sick of repeatedly pressing buttons trying to get an occasional response. It is hard to believe that in 2015, I must pick one network to watch because it is way too hard to change the channel. I am on a tight budget and waited years to get a flat screen TV and it works so poorly?! I wish I had known not to buy VISIO. They owe all of us refunds or new working remotes! I have tried battery trick &everything else. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED VISIO!!!

  168. Chris M. says:

    Amazing that this has been going on for SIX YEARS! I just bought a 55" E-series. Same thing, intermittent functionality. My guess is that some buttons on the remote are partially shorted. With the batteries removed I clicked all buttons on the remote several times, and whacked the remote against my hand a few times for good measure. Works much better now. See: https://answers.vizio.com/hc/en-us/articles/20423

  169. A.R. says:

    Mine too, I have the 80 inch M series from Nebraska . It worked two weeks, then said replace
    batteries (New Vizio Batteries). Replaced batteries and worked for another week and same thing happened. Called Vizio, they sent me another remote, it too, lasted about two weeks and same thing all over again. Called Vizio again, this time they said they would send a different remote with a keyboard on it, but the wiifii will not work, however everything else should work fine. The tv is fine, we love it, just the remote problems. 8/2015. A.R. Plano,tx.

  170. Sandy H. says:

    Same here, remote just quit working and what sucks is the fact that we own three of these POS TVs so now we're waiting for the other two to f*** up. Not the remote since we tried the non working remote on one of our other Visio TVs with no problems whatsoever. Of course the warranty has run out on all three. I'm thinking a class action lawsuit is a great idea!!

  171. Spletstoser says:

    Take out batteries hit all buttons replace batteries and should work I spent 2 days on this and then when I did this everything worked

  172. Spletstoser says:

    2 days ago I lost 3 of my channels system said they were there but channels weren't available. Tried reset system several times but still didn't work ready to buy new tv and then I removed batteries from remote hit all buttons several times replaced batteries and now all channels are there. Yaah don't need a new tv. Hope this helps someone else!

  173. Joanna says:

    I think my problem is with my remote. I can use my comcast remote works just fine with the TV, but not the factory Vizio one. This just started today and I have had my TV for about 9 yrs.

  174. New TV's should work says:

    The Comcast remote controls the cable box, has nothing to do with the TV itself.

  175. This is irrelevant says:

    They can be programmed to control TV's, stereos, sound bars, and essential any home entertainment electronic…..

  176. Linda says:

    Join the club. Vizio remote quit working but the remote is good. Done everything, tsking batteries out, unplug r
    Tv so forth and so on. No change at all. Just about only thing left is Vizio IR sensor on the tv. Nothing is blocking it, its clean etc etc. I cant control volume with my dtv remote nor of course the Vizio remote doesnt work so…… i dont like the cheap remote that came with my 55 inch Vizio. I ordered a sensor model is E55Oi-AO foy my tv. Might as well get a better remote thst is compatible. Pita really.

  177. mary hart says:

    I have been having the same problem. Remote Power button won't turn on or off. If I turn my Vizio on with the button on side of TV, the remote will change channel, volume, ect..but when I hit the power button, it only brings up the 'channel info' I have tried it with both the Vizio remote and the Comcast remote. Same issue. Driving me crazy! I thought I had it fixed the other day after watching a YouTube video, turned TV off, used Vizio remote, hit 'TV' and it worked. Now it doesn't again. Comcast even sent me a new remote. Same. Works, except for power button, just brings up 'info'. Any other ideas?

  178. Fred Smith says:

    Turn off power indicator. On our Vizio you can find by going to: MENU, SYSTEM, POWER INDICATOR, SELECT OFF. The white TV on light seems to interfere with the IR signal. Night and day difference with remote after doing this.

  179. Ed Garner says:

    That worked for me!!! Thanks!

  180. Terry says:

    That's a good thing to try IF I could get the remote to work so I could select menu! On the few instances I can get to menu, the cursor won't move at all.

  181. iridious says:

    No remotes, not Comcast, not universal, and not the Vizio remote itself can control my TV.

  182. Ojibway says:

    My remote decided to no longer access the App Menu, along with several other buttons, leaving me with only basic TV control and Netflix.
    After reading all the negative things posted, I decided to try Vizio Support anyway.
    The one thing that they had me do, that I have not seen posted, was a power off of the TV, disconnecting the power cord, and then holding the Power button for 30 seconds.
    It worked, and I am pleased with my Vizio once again.

  183. John Yurcik says:

    A lot of people here are blaming their remote but from my admittedly limited research the IR sensor (a tiny printed circuit board that’s detachable) goes bad. I replaced the IR sensor board on my 47″ Vizio about a year ago but it started intermittently failing to see the remote a couple of months ago. I’ve tested the remote itself and it does work. The IR board however is now completely inoperative. The screen is good which is sad because I don’t feel like gambling that replacing the board will be the best use of my time. Would it last another year or less? I know this is an old article but I just wanted to have some place to say that I will NEVER buy Vizio products again.

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