Windows 10 Updates Suck

Let me join the crowd of users extremely irritated by Microsoft’s decision to force Windows Updates on users. It is arrogant and disruptive and I will not forget as other options become more and more viable (think Chromebooks).

I’m a laptop user and this morning I woke to find my laptop in the middle of the infamous Windows 10 Anniversary update, all apparently done automatically. Now, this particular update takes a long f’ing time, requires multiple reboots, and you are told not to turn off your computer! So, Microsoft, what am I supposed to do about going to work? You leave me with two bad choices, 1) don’t take my laptop, or 2) disobey your instructions not to power off the laptop. I am not going to sit for hours waiting for the update to finish, so you’ve ruined my day.

The arrogance of forcing this major time consuming update on me at the most inconvenient time is unbelievable. As I said earlier, I will not forget.

3 Responses to “Windows 10 Updates Suck”

  1. Helphand says:

    It is now 3 1/2 hours into this update and still not finished. Numerous reboots and this last ‘working on updates’ section takes forever, it’s at 96% now but no clue whether it’s the last one or not. Microsoft is really going to piss off a ton of customers if they experience anything like what I’m experiencing. This is screwing with my time and messing up my workday.

  2. Helphand says:

    Just finished, 3 hours and 47 minutes. Ridiculous.

  3. Helphand says:

    Aarrggh, I spoke too soon. After login, I am now waiting again while it performs more ‘getting things ready’ updates. This is beyond irritating.

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